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Really? 😠


So my dad bought the entire family some dirt bikes and I thought it was a bad idea the whole time. We’ll now he is selling the dang things because no one wants to ride anymore. I predicted this the whole time but what do I know? Ugh I wish people would listen to me sometimes.



Playing Hardball.

I am such a mess. I am getting so distraught because I am not getting to see my boyfriend this weekend. We’ll if it helps I go to school two an a half hours away from where we live so I only get to see him on the weekends. But I can’t go home because I don’t have the money for gas and my parents suck. They won’t help me any and I am going on what money i make from my work study. (Which isn’t much) I have to pay for groceries electric bill and my gas which uses a full tank when I go home. But the thing is I really don’t want to go home. It’s my dad’s weekend and I hate it. I dot like going to his house or it’s really someone else’s. He says with his best friend because he just got a divorce and doesn’t have the money for a house. Or I say that I dot know where his money really goes. Not like he has any bills or anything. But the reason I don’t want to go over there is because I can’t shower and I typically sleep on an air mattress with my little brother and sister or on a love seat. It’s sob uncomfortable and I hate it. I feel bad for leaving the other three to deal with it, but there is nothing I can do for them. And to throw a little information about my dad, he just got his taxes back and instead of getting a house or furniture e bought the entire family dirt bikes and riding gear. All except for me. I got a hundred dollar bill. Why am I complaining? Because he hasn’t given me gas money since and I am outbid money. I have used all my savings paying for gas, but I can’t do that anymore. I don’t know what to do Brian can’t come up here because he claims he doesn’t have the money and I am falling apart at the seams. All’s well that ends well I guess.



I have an owl obsession. They are just little cuties!

I have an owl obsession. They are just little cuties!

trial run two.

So I’ve decided to give tumblr another try, but only because my roommate brought it up. So here we go!



So tomorrow is my birthday. My boyfriend forgot, glad my birthday is something monumental to him.  I have been talking nonstop about what I would like to do and he decided to make other plans. Don’t think that I didn’t try to give him the benefit of the doubt and think maybe he will surprise me, NO. he invited his friends over for a bonfire, none of mine and told me I was welcome to come if I wanted. Really? You have got to be kidding!